Aims and Objectives

  • To struggle for the restoration of the independent and sovereign Baloch national state.
  • To unify Baloch students in one platform for a disciplined and effective democratic political movement.
  • To resolve Baloch student’s educational issues.
  • To bring national consciousness to Baloch students and youth for national independence.
  • To encourage Baloch students to gain modern political knowledge and education to achieve national emancipation
  • To provide national consciousness to Baloch students and prevent them from drug addiction, idleness, and other social evils.
  • To struggle to preserve our national languages through publication and circulation of materials, and promotion of national languages Balochi and Brahui.
  • To encourage rational and critical thinking among Baloch students empowering them to employ scientific methods.
  • To educate Baloch students objectively regarding history and civilization of Balochistan.
  • To educate Baloch students regarding societal issues such as tribal, feudal, religious, and racial sectarianism so that they can stand firm against them. To nurture tribal, open-minded, and responsible, and conscientious leadership to lead Balochistan liberation movement.
  • To contact and cooperate with other like-minded international progressive students’ associations and organizations.
  • To collaborate and establish close links with people and organizations from all walks of life such as labors, fishing community, farmers, youth, minority group and women for achievement of far-sighted and present objectives of Baloch nation.
  • To morally support all national liberation movements around the world. To stand side by side with those everywhere who struggle against oppressive and totalitarian systems be it colonialism, racism, sexism, fascism, or theocratism.
  • To struggle for allocation of national borders of Baloch nation on the basis of its population and history.
  • To morally support preservation of human rights and achievement of international peace throughout the world. To disseminate knowledge to Baloch students regarding UN Charter for National Determination and Human Rights.