Procedure of Membership

Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO Azad) is a political and democratic student organization. The ideology of BSO is Baloch nationalism, and since its inception, BSO has been engaged in a democratic struggle for the restoration of an independent Baloch state. As a student organization, BSO provides political education to Baloch students in a revolutionary manner to improve their political consciousness.

In the struggle for national independence, BSO is educating Baloch Students with ideas and literature based on Baloch Nationalism. The organization urges Baloch students to organize ideologically and intellectually on a single platform irrespective of regional, tribal, linguistic, and gender discriminations.
The structure of BSO is based on democratic and revolutionary principles. The organizational activities of BSO include uniting Baloch Students, fostering progressive ideas, promoting education, providing revolutionary literature, and promoting Baloch Nationalism. Revolutionary movements and modern political  ideologies are discussed and propagated in a scientific manner.
Baloch students who practically agree with organization’s ideology of Baloch nationalism, it’s aims, objectives, and principles can become regular members of the Baloch Students Organization Azad.

To become a member, contact the organization via email and fill out the membership form. After which, one can become a regular member of the organization.

Contact us: [email protected]