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A glimpse of Azat

By Bani Baloch


“Azat” is the first booklet issued by Baloch Students Organization Azad. BSO Azad is a political and revolutionary organization that has been working in political uplifting and Educating and advocacy of the Baloch Youth and Baloch Nation, regarding their land, history, civilization, and oppression.

This Organization is further working to awaken the consciousness of Baloch students, therefore since its creation, it has been providing radical literature and political materials to the students regardless of several bans and harsh restrictions and “Azat” is one of the parts of its political literature.
Before that many “tarbeyati” series, articles, and magazines were published but the booklet is published for the first time and its other issues will be released as well. It is published under Sagaar Publication.

The booklet “Azat” is written in the Balochi language. The style of the writing is very familiar to the reader and they can easily grasp it . It contains some essentials and primal points of revolutionary work. It concludes with Six points that are very important but often ignored or unknown. The Six points include Commitment, discipline, Courage, Prescience, Narcissism and Emotions and Sentiments.


“Azat” discusses the first choice to a revolutionary as something immensely for salvation.
As in the booklet, it is mentioned that “Revolution is basically to bring a complete change and reformation in a nation by deeply rooting out the old corrupt and cruel system”. A revolutionary touches the core of the unconscious minds of people who have been deprived of the thought to prevent uncertainties. As in every revolution, there are consequences and a revolutionary may know those consequences and must still choose the revolution.

For revolution, a revolutionary worker must have those features which are under discussion in the booklet.


In a revolutionary program, commitment is an act of honesty and promise of loyalty to the cause till the end. In “Azat”, it is mentioned that “without commitment, no one can be a revolutionary” commitment in the heart of a revolutionary freshly into the thought of bringing change does not get to choose to retreat from the intact thought which either way is intangible. Because when you have given your life to the revolution then one must live and die for the revolution. Also, revolutionary people commitments are challenged because most of the time people join a revolutionary program for emotions, or nationalistic approach and usually in compulsions and when they witness rough situations on the ground they are often shaken because they have not joined consciously and are not committed. The thought of prioritizing the revolution never ceases to be.


There is however a massive selection to be different who is considered a revolutionary and the one to be an ordinary random worker and maybe cause of the revolution but is never part of discipline as we know that for revolution a revolutionary program and platform is mandatory. And no organization can function and remain stable without discipline. It’s the part of the discipline that a revolutionary must-have relatively connections with the people. As oppressed people only hope is in the revolution. And a revolutionary is disciplined to preserve that hope. Political changes, regional changes, and different political powers may not affect any revolutionary, he/she must remain steadfast in all situations which is part of the discipline. Struggle against own personal emotions, and remain committed to the cause, accepting the organizational decisions, and if any difficulties occur in between or if any criticism which is not based on personal grudges that must be discussed within the organization and if any revolutionary worker discusses it out the boundary of the organization that is violating the discipline of organization and such people often create chaos in the organization. Perhaps, it is wrong to indulge within your thoughts that chaos and only chaos is your solution.


Courage is one of the most essential points in the booklet. As courage is an act of withstanding danger, fear, and difficulty and showing strength both mentally and physically in any revolutionary program. As revolution is never a piece of cake but a mighty mountain on the head. The act of courage of a revolutionary must remain intact for the future irregularities and jumping wars of different perspectives. They should not lack political courage and may not be the victim of fear and danger. Otherwise, they can not be revolutionary. Another powerful and important point that was mentioned in “Azat” is criticism, as in a revolutionary program there is comradeship but if someone’s act is against the discipline of the organization or dangerous for the organization then that person must be pointed out and held accountable regardless of friendship and emotional attachments. A revolutionary worker must not talk behind back but face to face in the premises of an organization. A revolutionary worker must have that political courage otherwise the political courage will diminish and weaknesses will never turn into strengths.


Decades and decades need to be withered away and sacrificed for a lone task to be achieved, so for a huge perspective and task one needs to keep in mind that to achieve the goal, persistence is to be held tight. Must know the present and be prepared for the future. As in the different periods, different changes and political scenarios will occur if a revolutionary has plans for it they will remain persistent but if they are not prepared it will directly affect the revolutionary. Also, another important thing was discussed that persistent behavior that is to accept other ideas and views, if any problem occurs that must be resolved and not triggered to create confusion.


Narcissism is an egocentric approach that is very dangerous for any revolutionary organization. A narcissist always prefers themselves and their will and desires over the program and if a revolutionary has a narcissistic approach they not only deceive the nation but their conscience as well. Narcissism is a disease, if a narcissist is questioned or criticized for the acts they often choose the reactionary path against the program and take it as an insult. The worst thing they do is that they try to create followers, they run behind positions and do not struggle and believe themselves as intellectual, and the rest of the people be their followers.

Emotions and sentiments

A human is born with some basic instincts and they remain part of them till the end of life and without those originalities, a human might be a machine. Emotions and sentiments both of them perform a vital  role in human lives. And in revolution emotions and sentiments work like a soul. Often people are overpowered by them naturally but in revolutions, a political worker must be attentive and fully conscious while making any decisions irrespective of their certain emotions and sentiments. According to the ground realities and the need for revolution, decisions must be made not by own emotions. Revolution is based on strategies and tactics, however, if a revolutionary indulges in basic human emotions, must not act accordingly, but wait for sanity to show its pressure on decisions.

Should “Azat” be read? 

“Azat” in true terms contains the essence or jest of a revolutionary worker and how a revolutionary worker may function. Because Azat is written in the context to occupation and opression Baloch have been facing and how revolution is important and how to bring revolution how a revolutionary should be. As the booklet starts with What revolution is ? and as the saying of Surat Khan Marri goes that “Baloch by origin and nature has the characteristics of nationalism” so as Baloch and being students of politics we often talk about politics, political change, reformation and revolution, but for that we often miss some important characters and basic principles of revolution and to understand revolution and act accordance to the need of revolution then we must read “Azat”.

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