Lament of Chaagi, By: Bani Baloch

Lament of Chaagi By: Bani Baloch

Heather as I write this my hands shake

My soul crumbles, my heart breaks

My eyes twinkle and my smile fades away

Truth in whisper into my ear when says 

The seasons you love, the beauty and meticulous world too

These wonders and beauty too are now no more.

I am young full of spirit full of pep

But now I cringe and flinch and my

Energy collapse when I think about that day.

That test that explosion 

Was inhuman and screen-fed 

Everything that looked green, 

placid as a green field faced destruction.

Those meld sepals gone vain

That grassy land was plundered 

Under the tree, my children used to sit,

Was gone, I searched for it 

Found it nowhere.

Effects of Nukes turned the 

Colourful veins into dark.

That steamy airy of joy

Deluge above high turned rough 

And breeze never blew then.

Those gleamy droplets 

Eventually excursion on the dead skin.

My pensive mourns 

Not reaching the layers of solace

High-pitched melodies, wraped

Lament and sober tones 

I am still waiting for rain 

Rain, till it takes away darkness, 

That give birth to skin cancer

On my soil. 

Darkness that has destructed my soil. 

I may sound boring and full of despair 

But facing reality isn’t it fair? 

I am someone with a particular taste 

So I let my reality and my mind embrace 

To keep me steady and reminding me 

The life the Baloch spright in me 

Indeed that was bounded  aftermath nukes 

This could happen, anyother place 

But they choosed me, they choosed the  Baloch land. They choosed Chaagi. 

As the first nuclear weapons were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The devestating power of the  bombs dropped on Japan both major cities and turned them into ashes, but Japan being a developed country, it raised back. 

But why such terrible events happened after  Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why Pakistan had to test its nuclear bomb in Chaagi Balochistan, why not in anyother plain areas of Pakistan. Why the Baloch soil was sacrificed for its testament, why the State ruined Chaagi, residency of thousands of Baloch. Such unanswered questions spin in my mind again and again. 

Pakistan conducted its first and five nuclear tests in Chaagi Balochistan leaving the devestations behind. The after affects of nuclear atoms turned the fertile land of Chaagi into infertility , plundered the land, number of women became sterile as well the skin cancer patient, kids are still born with dead skin and following many other types of skin diseases. Thus the land of Chaagi still has the after affect of nukes.

People are living  miserable lives

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