Political life of Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad

Chairman Ghulam Muhammad was born on January 1, 1959, in Mand, the hometown of the national poet Mulla Fazul, in the house of Muhammad Ayub Baloch. He was born during the harsh rule of General Ayub Khan, known for his cruelty, at a time when Baloch bloodshed was common. However, Chairman Ghulam Muhammad was raised by a courageous mother, Bibi Hairnisa. Initially named Naseer Ahmed Khan, in the honour of Meer Naseer Khan Noori, but his grandfather called him Ghulam Muhammad. Once, in his childhood, they visited a hospital, and on the way back, his father showed him two tombs, symbolizing bravery and courage inherited from their ancestors who fought against the British. He had a deep interest in listening to stories of Baloch ancestors who fought for freedom. His father often recounted tales of brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their land, sparking’s keen interest. From an early age, he displayed a talent for reciting poetry beautifully. He had a strong interest in both politics and poet.

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