Extrajudicial Abductions: A Menace Gripping Baloch Society

Editorial: BSO Azad

Extrajudicial abductions, commonly known as enforced disappearances, have become a harrowing menace on Baloch society, leaving its people trapped in a continuous state of trauma and despair. Since Balochistan’s occupation by Pakistani forces, the region has become a hotbed of state atrocities and human rights violations. The primary motive behind such tactics is to instill fear and insecurity among the Baloch masses, specifically targeting Baloch political activists who resist the colonial subjugation of Balochistan.

Recently, there has been a surge in extrajudicial abductions across various Baloch regions, from Koh-e-Suleman to Makuran. Reports from independent sources have documented numerous cases in Dera Bugti, Tump, Turbat, Quetta, Khuzdar, and Awaran.

Though the state apparatus may have shifted its policies from “kill and dump” to “fake encounters,” the underlying motive and violence in their tactics remain unchanged. The state does not discriminate; every Baloch is perceived as a threat to its existence. The only way to halt collective brutality is through collective resistance. Silence in the face of oppression not only enables the colonizer but also motivates them to inflict further harm. Inaction during such critical times can lead to the collective demise of an entire nation.

Extrajudicial abductions serve as a reminder of Balochistan’s colonial status, intending not only to affect Baloch society physically but also psychologically. This ruthless tool is employed consistently on Baloch masses, targeting students, teachers, journalists, and shepherds alike, leaving deep scars on families. Children are deprived of their fathers, wives of their husbands, and mothers of their hope for life.

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