Ilyaz Nizar Baloch: The One who resisted oppression by pen

Ilyaz Nizar Baloch: The One who resisted oppression by pen

Students have been key initiators and participants in several of the Revolutionary movements. They have been at least supporting players in most, and have been leaders in some. Whether it is the time when Bengal had been partitioned in 1905 when youths were mainly behind the Indian National Congress at that time or its been violent action took to paralyse British government or the anti war demonstrations in America which were held and started from college campuses and disseminated throughout the country. In same way student journalism have played great role for political activism to provide a clue regarding truthful events and has also played a role to protect the free speech and journalism reputation by seeking truth. Thats why students who has been remained active as journalist has been attacked many times by colonial oppression in the colonial era.

Since the occupation of Baluchistan by Pakistan ,different institutions including ISI ,MI ,state sponsored death squads,frontier corps and CTD have been targeting Baloch students political activists and journalists as per kill and dump policy.

Martyr ilyas Nazar was among those student political activists who played his role as student as well as teacher and student journalist. Ilyas Nizar s/o Nizar Baluch got birth on july 12, 1986 in Shahrak , Turbat district Kech. Ilyas Nizar was a student of MCS (Masters Computer Science) in University of Baluchistan (UOB)and also a journalist . He was a member of BSO-Azad Shaal zone. He believed in political struggle. He focused his pen to educate children of Deprived Baloch Nation. He issued first Balochi language monthly magazine for children ‘’Darwant’’which remained in circulation for two years till his disappearance and was targeted for his exercise of peaceful political expression.

On visiting VBMP camp He said ‘’I feel like crying ,can’t bear to see them (Baloch mothers) crying for their loved ones but On December 22, 2010, he was abducted himself from Pasni Zero Point, district Gwadar by Pakistan secret agencies and became one among thousands of Baloch activists disappeared by Pakistani secret agencies.

He wrote ‘’you will see the original shape ‘’ and His tortured and bullet-riddled body was recovered from Pidrak area of district Kech, with the dead body of another BSO Azad Activist Kambar chakar on January 5, 2011. Killing and dumping of political activist showed the original shape of barbarism and cruelty by Pakistan.

On his Martyrdom his Mother Naz Bibi Narrated ‘’ I am proud of my son ,his Martyrdom honours me. Like Ilyas and Kambar I have many other thousands of son who are in the struggle to liberate their motherland and I pray for their safety and victory.

BSO Azad Pay richest tribute to the Martyr Ilyas Nazar And Qambar Chaker for their contributions and sacrifices.

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