11th August- Balochistan’s independence day and thereafter National Struggle

11th August- Balochistan’s independence day and thereafter National Struggle

11th August, an independent day of Balochistan, was declared in 1947. Due to the geographical importance of Balochistan, Balochs have always been entangled with different powers. Many colonial states tried to reach here for maintaining their hegemony to control their rivals. But, they have always faced resistance, Baloch has defended and fought for their homeland against those powers.

From the seventeenth century, Meer Naseer Khan’s rule, till 1839 Balochistan was sovereign in its affairs. A greater Balochistan was unified by Meer Naseer Khan Noori. All Baloch areas were included in those affairs. The conspiracy of Britain began and they sent different spies to this region to know about Baloch and Balochistan. They became successful in their spying. Finally, they attacked the Khanate of Kalat. However, they faced resistance from Balochs and Khan Meer Mehrab Khan resisted and fought for his homeland. He was martyred. Then, the British occupied Balochistan’s sovereignty in 1839.

After that, there have been many attacks and battles against Britain. The Baloch didn’t accept them. They wanted the sovereignty of the Khanate of Kalat. In this, the British faced much resistance from Baloch tribes. Then, they brought different divide and rule tactics and different heads of the tribes were given responsibilities to dominate their areas. It weakened the national struggle of Baloch. Finally, the British were successful to run the all affairs of Balochistan.

The twentieth century brought a new wave for colonized nations. They struggled for their independence. Many nations decolonized themselves. This century also faced two world wars which weakened those great powers that colonized many nations. After the second world war, the British decided to leave Hindustan which was a colony of the British. Though Balochistan was not part of the Hindustan, all affairs were in their control.

The ongoing national movement of Baloch started from the annexation in which Pakistan occupied the Baloch homeland by force on March 27, 1948. After occupying Balochistan forcefully, there has been a lot of resistance by Balochs against Pakistan. In this national struggle, we pay our richest tribute to all martyrs who fought for the sovereignty of Balochistan.

After all, the struggle of Balochistan has come into the hands of ordinary Balochs who are struggling on different fronts for their homeland. In these two decades, intellectual and ideological leaders were martyred and many Baloch students are put in torture cells. But, the symptoms of nationalism and the Baloch national struggle are influencing the youth to be ideologically strong for this struggle.

Today’s Baloch national movement is a pure nationalistic struggle that demands a free and independent Balochistan. As the war of Balochistan’s independence has been going on for seventy years, where students, politics, and parties are also active. meanwhile, Baloch has found the leaders like Khair Baksh Marri, Fearless Dutiful sons Like Raza Jahangir Baloch, Journalists like Sajid Hussain, Teachers like Saba Dashtiyari and political women like Banuk Karima Baloch, critics like surat khan Marri as well.

Even today there is heavy bloodshed in Balochistan and the soldiers of the Baloch nation have been protecting it. Today, every youth of the Baloch nation knows that the CPEC is an exploitive Plan having no relation to the development of Balochistan or the Baloch nation in Reality and alliance of the parties and organizations and fighting for the prosperous Country is the only way to progress.

Today, Baloch youth thinks to strengthen the institutions more than making new institutions. Today’s Baloch youth is more confident in their actions than in their statements and speeches. Also, Baloch youth thinks over their war actions and policies and consider the intellectual criticism which was made yesterday on war.

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