Baloch Nation

Baloch Nation

Every living nation of this world has a glorious history of sacrifices and commitment towards the freedom of their Motherland so as Baloch Nation. The nations who do not bow to the brutalities of the imperial powers and continue to fight for the freedom of their land have succeeded in their struggle for establishing their homeland. Likewise other free nations of the world Baloch succeeded in their struggle for independence against the occupation of Baloch land by the British on 11 august 1947 but the newly created fascist of Pakistan with the help of western power soon invaded Balochistan and completely overthrow the independent state of Baloch Nation and since then Baloch land has been under the Pakistani illegal occupation and the struggle for re-establishment of Baloch State.

In this struggle for Freedom, Thousands of Baloch youth, women, and elders have laid down their precious lives to protect the future of their generations and this continues, every other day a conscious Baloch gives his life for the freedom of the homeland. The history of endless sacrifices for the re-establishment of the Baloch state begins with the martyrdom of Mir Mehrab Khan along with his several companions in 1839 against the British forces which continue till the date, but this time against the occupation of Pakistan.

Friends of Oppressed

Historically, Baloch has never been a part of the sub-continent which was separated into two states which the fascist state of Pakistan emerged but Mr. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan himself was hired by the khan of kalat as the layer to defend the freedom of the Baloch Nation in-front of British jurisdiction but later on, after the creation of Pakistan Jinnah proposed Baloch leaders to merged Balochistan with the new state of Pakistan which was categorically rejected by the both Baloch parliaments after which the Baloch state was invaded illegally by the Pakistani forces on the orders of Jinnah on 27 march 1948 since then Pakistani forces has continuously perpetrating war crimes in Balochistan to maintain their forcible occupation on Baloch Land.

Educated Baloch Masses

Pakistan’s occupation of Baloch land was illegal and against international laws but unfortunately, the international power instead of making Pakistan accountable supported this terrorist state for their petty interests which have become a threat to the region. Baloch masses have to realize the importance of their freedom and need to be part of the ongoing freedom movement of the Baloch Nation against this illegal occupation. No nations in the world have achieved freedom without sacrifices as Baloch can’t get rid of this state with countless sacrifices and struggle.

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