Shohda-E-Murgaap, A legacy unforgotten

Shohda-E-Murgaap, A legacy unforgotten

Conscious Baloch People

Every occupier of the world history has always tried his best to maintain their occupation upon other’s land through the use of excessive violence and oppression. Every means of tactics and suppression have been used to manipulate the public and legalize their unlawful settlement to sustain their illegal occupation. However, after being failed to manipulate the masses regarding their illegal sitting in the land of the natives their second option has always been violence to curb the idea of the national movement and freedom among the ordinary public but such actions of violence and suppression have always been failed in front of the well-aware masses. The occupiers may have changed but their violent behavior against the native who demands freedom still exists in the occupied regions like Balochistan. The violence and killings of the masses can only be stopped when the natives withdraw their lawful demand for independence and freedom but conscious nations on the planet will never accept the life in slavery.Baloch, a conscious nation with a history and civilization of thousands of years, has never accepted the occupation of their land by the so-called un-natural Pakistani state.

Baloch Masses

To sustain its illegal occupation of Baloch land Pakistan has been involved in the killing and genocide of Baloch people for the last seven decades but it gets worsened when Baloch nation has started a new conscious movement against the state’s unethical occupation of their motherland. To make it further worsen, on 3th of April 2009, the occupier forces raided the Chamber of kachkol Ali Advocate in Turbat City of kech and forcibly abducted Wajah Ghulam Mohammad along with his two companions and key political leaders of the Baloch freedom movement Lala Munir and Sher Mohammad. Later on, on 9th of April, the dead bodies of the abductees were found in the Murgaap area of Kech with the sign of extreme torture. It was the beginning of the new genocidal policy of kill and dumped by the Pakistani authorities to counter the Baloch liberation movement. To date, thousands of political workers and innocent Baloch people have become the victims of the kill-and-dumped policy of the state. By killing Ghulam Mohammad Pakistan wanted to create an environment of fear among Baloch masses and political workers but by the teachings and struggle of Wajah Ghulam Mohammad and other leaders, Baloch the nation has become conscious of their rights and the lawful demand for freedom, the martyrdom of Shohda-E-Murgaap further has strengthened the national liberation movement. Today, after Ghulam Mohammad thousands of Baloch have chosen the faith of his ideology and become the part of national struggle to achieve the goal of their martyred leaders.

Courageous Baloch Youth

The guidance of Shohda-E-Murgaap was to strive for a free and sovereign Baloch nation for which they have laid down their lives. Ghulam Mohammad along with his martyred fellows badly exposed the reality of the so-called parliamentary politics of the Pakistani state which is being run by the army. Such politics of interests cannot give a life of dignity and honor to Baloch the nation. In the best interest of the Baloch nation Baloch youth along with the masses should strengthen the liberation movement to reach the ultimate goal of Baloch nation which can only be a guarantor of our National interests.

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