The 20th December and International Human Solidarity Day

The 20th December and International Human Solidarity Day

20 December 2018

There are about 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals which have been introduced by the UN to achieve a better and sustainable future for all.

The 20th December, a day of action to encourage new initiatives for the eradication of poverty, hunger and disease. We appreciate UN and international communities for their positive steps towards zero hunger and provision of good health services.

But the question arises here is that the word sustainable means ‘able to be maintained at certain level’, and for sure UN considered this certain level as vast level. So if we take that into our consideration, there must be eradication of poverty and health problem from the entire population of world.

So in this International Solidarity Human Day, our reservations must be clear to the world and UN that they should give some serious consideration to their plans.  According to the UNDP report, Balochistan is the poorest province of Pakistan with having the poverty index of 71%.

The MPA Sana Baloch of Balochistan in his last statement said that the people of district Kharan need good health facilities and he also shared some pictures at social media platform where people are compelled to cut trees to accomplish their needs while the land is the owner of the Sui gas on other hand.

The people of Raskoh and Chaghi are suffering from different kind of diseases including malnutrition. Chagai is the owner of Saindak and Rek-o-diq like projects ad it is also a well known place being the sight for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons tests which caused people of Chaghi to suffer from the cancerous diseases.

Polio, a viral disease which has been eradicated world widely except Afghanistan and Pakistan (mainly found in Balochistan). People of Bolan have been dying just because of the shortage of common medicines like Paracetamol, because Pakistan Army has imposed unannounced ban on the medicine supply to this area.

The area of Awaran is totally occupied by the Pakistan Army, but surprisingly the civilians are dying of gastritis, isn’t it so strange? At last, we request the UN to come with us for a visit o the areas of Kohlu where people of deprived of basic health facilities.

In main city of CPEC, the owners of Deep Sea of Gwadar are dying of thirst. The inhabitants of villages near Gwadar city are complaining of Thalassemia in their new generations, even they have no history of Thalassemia before in their families. On 20 December, we as Baloch students remind you again to show solidarity with the Baloch people who need your actually solidarity.

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