Baloch Nation

May 28th, considered as Youm-e-Aasrokh in the history of Balochistan, as Pakistan, the occupying state, conducted nuclear tests in Chagai in its Raskoh Hills. On that day in 1998, Pakistan carried out five simultaneous nuclear explosions deep underground, resulting in the release of a significant amount of radioactive materials into the Chagai atmosphere. The consequences have been dire, inflicting intense heat, shockwaves, genetic mutations, and devastating the local ecosystem. It still continues to affect local people with different diseases and illnesses.

Baloch Masses,

The nuclear tests in Chagai have had profound and tragic effects. Thousands of herds and livestock perished, while the local population has been plagued by deadly skin cancer, infertility among women, and disabilities in infants. The once fertile land of Chagai has been rendered barren, and the water and food sources remain hazardous for years to come. The disaster of Chernobyl is the example of this harmful radiation which accidentally causes a mass level destruction, The basic aim of occupier to conduct nuclear testing in Balochistan was to create dire consequences among the local people that they get a disabled life. It was a warning to the oppressed Baloch people that they could be targeted with such weapons any time if they ever stand for freedom.

Civilised nations

The choice of Baloch land as the site for these nuclear tests is particularly distressing. It was a deliberate act by the occupying state to cripple the Baloch people in every possible way. This nuclear attack serves as yet another attempt to dehumanize the Baloch and plunder their ancestral lands. For this Land, countless brave Baloch have laid down their lives for the sovereignty and its dignity, and the occupying state persists in its genocidal actions and the pillaging of Balochistan’s national wealth and resources. 28 May, the Asrokh Day (Black Day) is a reminder to Baloch people that without a sovereign and independent Balochistan, the Baloch people continue to live under the fear of state barbarism and the occupier can target Balochistan any time. The civilised nations must open their eyes before it gets too late.

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