28 May holds the status of a black day in the Baloch national history. BSO Azad

28 May holds the status of a black day in the Baloch national history


The central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization-Azad, while declaring 28 May as a black day, said in his released statement that Pakistan, as an occupier, not only exploited the Baloch land and looted the Baloch resources, rather, by making Balochistan a nuclear laboratory, they have made the lives of Baloch masses living in Chaghi and its suburbs unbearable for generations.

He said that on 28th of May, 1998, Pakistan experimented the nuclear weapons in Raskoh, the mountainous ranges of Chaghi, due to which the lives of humans, plants and animals in the area and its outskirts have become agonizing for generations. Pakistan has not only tormented the lives of the people of Raskoh by conducting nuclear tests there, but it is also ruthlessly looting the Baloch resources by fueling the exploitative projects like Reko Diq and Saindak in Chaghi itself. While the nuclear tests have left no stone unturned to dry the forests (deforestation), epidemics have arisen in living things which are extinctive from the world.

He further said that the radioactive rays, coming from nuclear weapons, have made the lives of Baloch people miserable. The intensity in these rays has caused the formation of genetic diseases among the residents of the area which are resulting genocide. Deadly diseases as cancer have become common in Chaghi and its environs due to the harmful rays and these diseases have taken off lives of thousands of people. As a result of the radiation rays, the birth of disable children has become a normal. By dint of nuclear tests, the livestock burned to ashes and this act crushed the livelihood of thousands of families. Hence, it becomes clear with the given fact that Pakistan exploited the Baloch land as a traditional occupier in all the means and is committing the worst genocide of the Baloch nation.

He said that Pakistan developed nuclear weapons from the uranium extracted from the Baloch soil. The uranium, being discovered from Dera Ghazi Khan’s Baghalchar, was used as a nuclear weapon to set fire in Chaghi. The uranium project of the atomic energy in Dera Ghazi Khan also threw Chaghi-like effects on the residents of the area and, even today, the people of Dera Ghazi Khan are the victims of cancer and other diseases due to the radioactive rays of uranium. While Pakistan formed the nuclear by plundering the Baloch resources, on the other, it experimented the same life-taking weapons on the Baloch nation.

At the end of his statement, he said that all the nuclear tests in the world were carried out in the sea far from the population, but Pakistan, as a power and occupier, conducted the nuclear tests on the common population of Chaghi which falls under the category of serious human rights violation and Baloch genocide. BSO-Azad, like every year, along with other organizations and political parties, will launch awareness campaign against the practice this year as well.

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