Gwadar International Airport is a Gateway for Punjabi and Chinese Colonizers in the name of Development. BSO AZAD

Gwadar International Airport is a Gateway for Punjabi and Chinese Colonizers in the name of Development.


The history of colonialism is a prime example of the basic fact that development has always been used as tool to exploit and subjugate the native population. On one side, the Pakistani Army and Agencies are involved in the extra-judicial abductions, fake encounters and mass genocide of Baloch people on the expenses of Chinese investment and on the other hand, it has built a huge airport marking the beginning of huge demographic changes in Gwadar city. This airport is a part of the wider program of Punjabi and Chinese imperialists to turn Baloch people in minority in its own land. We, the Baloch people need to realize the intensity of the situation and resist the colonial policies aimed at demographic change at any expense. Because, this is a question of our survival as a nation.

The native population in Gwadar does not even have access to clean drinking water, while the Punjabi and Chinese settlers are investing millions of dollars on luxurious airports. If they had any concern for the native population, then these colonizers would not have violated the dignity of Baloch mothers and sisters by continuous raids and search operations in their homes and would not have snatched the employment of local fishermen by barring them from entry to the sea. Understanding the strategic importance of Balochistan, China and Gwadar want to control this land unanimously and create a military base in the port city of Gwadar. China wants to emerge as an opposition to Capitalist and Imperialist powers of the west, while applying the same tactics of European colonialism in Balochistan to maintain control by building huge military bases. If China can confront the World on the issue of Taiwan then it shall realize that Baloch people can also go to any extent resisting foreign intervention in their motherland. Baloch masses need to start an organized campaign against Gwadar International Airport as it seems to become the Gateway for Chinese and Punjabi settlers. The basic aim of this airport is to give direct aerial access to Chinese forces in Gwadar. Today if Gwadar city has been turned into an open air prison for the hospitality for a few hundred Chinese, then we can’t imagine the extent of violent military suppression for thousands of Chinese to arrive in coming times.

We want the Baloch people to know that currently the State has adopted a policy based on sheer violence and force which not only aims to turn the Baloch people in minority, but also wants a complete genocide of Baloch population. So, that Punjabi and Chinese settlers could settle on the Baloch shores for a permanent basis. If we do not confront and resist the Chinese intervention today, then the Chinese would bring such devastation to Balochistan that the Punjabi colonizers could not bring in seventy years.

Spokesperson, Baloch Students Organization-Azad

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