A rapid increase in the abduction of Baloch youth is alarming

A rapid increase in the abduction of Baloch youth is alarming

Baloch Students Organization – Azad

Spokesperson for the Baloch Students Organization Azad has strongly shown concerns over the rapid increase in the abduction of Baloch youth by the Pakistani security forces in Turbat and Karachi. According to media and family sources, six Baloch youth have been forcibly disappeared after raids were made in their areas illegally by the notorious CTD personnel along with the secret agencies. CTD is the cover force of the ISI and MI to continue their genocide of the Baloch nation with false allegations and fake cases. After the illegal raids, killing of Baloch youth in fake encounters and false allegations against students by the CTD on records, recently, a fact-finding report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has also shown concerns over the barbaric activities of the Pakistani agencies under the cover of CTD.

The spokesperson said that in a new wave of rapid forcible abductions, six Baloch youth, identified as Taheer S/O Aziz Ahmeh, Hammad S/O Nazeer Ahmed and Shoaib S/O Liaqat were forcibly taken away by the army and FC personnel in different raids in Turbat, while three more Baloch youth identified as Waris Baloch S/O Fareed Ahmed, Asif S/O Ghamani and Baba Murad S/O Kareem have been disappeared by the CTD personnel in multiple raids in the Baloch areas of Karachi city. This is the continuation of the barbaric acts of the Pakistani state on Baloch nation.

The spokesperson of the Baloch Students Organisation Azad asked the Human rights groups to play their role in highlighting and preventing the Pakistani forces from committing gross human rights violations and abducting the Baloch youth continuously to create an environment of fear among the Baloch masses. The Pakistani state is a signatory of the UN’s constitution for protecting the human rights of people but in actuality, she has been involved in committing war crimes in Balochistan.

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