Baloch women are now being mentally tortured to end their life | BSO Azad

Baloch women are now being mentally tortured to end their life.

BSO Azad

Spokesperson for the Baloch Students Organization Azad has expressed grief concerns over the case of Najma Baloch who was compelled to do suicide after continuous pressures from a local collaborator of Pakistani army in Gishkore to work for the intelligence agencies. Occupying forces of the Pakistan army have waged a war against Baloch nation on all fronts. After capturing native areas of Balochistan, now forces are engaged in a dirty game of dishonoring Baloch women which is a serious threat to Baloch code and culture. After repeated refusal, a local collaborator of the army, namely Noor Bakhsh, personnel of levies force, continued pressuring her to work for agency and made her life a hell to live which resulted in ending her life.

Spokesperson further said that suicide cases have increased in Balochistan for the last few months. In most cases, women are the victims of this trend. The concerning point is that majority of the cases are being reported where the security personnel and the local collaborators are responsible for these cases. Death Squads are operating as a cover force of the army who are directly attacking innocent civilians making life troubled for them. Najma’s case is an example of the brutality of Pakistani army who is perpetrating war crimes in Balochistan. Najma was pressured for last six months to work for agency: after having no other options, she killed herself to avoid becoming the next victim of Pakistani army.

At the end of his statement, spokesperson asked the international community and the human rights groups to take strict actions against such cases as army has captured all over Balochistan and setup multiples camps where the military personnel are involved in gross human rights violations. International community must pay heed to the brutalities of the army in different parts of Balochistan. Those involved in the murder of Najma Baloch must be held accountable.

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