It is important to keep language alive to make the nation live:
BSO Azad

It is important to keep language alive to make the nation live

BSO Azad

The central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad said in his statement on the occasion of International Mother Language Day that until a nation succeeds to preserve its language, it could not secure its national identity either. It is more important for oppressed nations to preserve their language because the oppressor always struggles to vanish the languages of the occupied nations.

As Pakistan did with the Bengali language in Bangladesh, she is doing the same with the languages of Baloch today. But Bengalis knew well that how essential it was to preserve their language and the struggle for the language rendered them consciousness to struggle for national liberation. They have secured their national identity along with saving their language and are living in the world as an independent state.

The central spokesperson further said that on one side the brutal army are forcibly abducting the Baloch people and, on the other hand, they are teaching us Urdu and other languages of powerful states to crush the Baloch national identity. A Baloch child is taught Urdu and Chinese in schools instead of the languages of Baloch; the state has crafted this policy so that Baloch should lose their languages and identity. As the ban on Balochi books is the part of the given policy. To preserve its mother languages Balochi, Brahvi and others is a part of the Baloch national liberation movement. We should struggle more and more to secure our languages.

At the end of his statement, the central spokesperson said that the Baloch youth should enhance their struggle more in this field and work on to write and speak in their mother languages. It is a clear fact that unless we are oppressed, our mother languages will always be in danger. As a result, we have to intensify our struggle more and more in the preservation of our language along with that of the liberation movement.

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