June 8 “Baloch Missing Persons Day” is the story of serious human rights violation in Balochistan, BSO Azad.

June 8 “Baloch Missing Persons Day” is the story of serious human rights violation in Balochistan


In his released statement, the central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization-Azad, while declaring June 8 “Baloch Missing Persons Day” as the story of serious human rights violation in Balochistan, said that the continuation of the long chain of enforced disappearances for decades has turned Balochistan into human crises. Despite witnessing serious violations of human rights, the international bodies for human rights have been playing the role of silent spectators.

The spokesperson stated that thirteen years from today on June 8, 2009, the former Vice Chairman of BSO-Azad, Zakir Majeed Baloch was forcibly disappeared. Regardless of thirteen years long period of his enforced disappearance, Zakir Majeed has not been released yet. Similarly, a large number of political workers including the former Chairman of the organization Zahid Baloch and ex-Information Secretary Shabbir Baloch became the victims of enforced disappearances. Meanwhile, the mutilated corpses of dozens of political workers along with the former Joint Secretary of the organization Shafi Baloch, Central Committee members Kambar Chakar Baloch and Comrade Qayyum were dumped in forests and desolations after they were forcibly disappeared. Besides this, the state agencies victimized hundreds of political activists of enforced disappearances in different periods, among them the majority’s dead bodies were dumped, whereas hundreds are still missing. The policies of enforced disappearances and extrajudicially “Kill and Dump” of the state are continued and intensifying with time.

He further said that with the continued series of enforced disappearances from the last two decades, not a single home in Balochistan remains safe. From students to teachers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, laborers, farmers, women, and children, thousands have been the targets of enforced disappearances. And instead of reducing, it is accelerating on daily basis. While violations of human rights by Pakistan are intensifying in Balochistan, in the meantime, world powers and international human rights organizations are playing the role of silent spectators. The silence of powerful foreign states and international bodies of human rights is also becoming the reason for Pakistan’s increasing barbarism. Presently in Balochistan, the Baloch genocide has reached the verge of criticality. In this situation, it becomes imperative for international organizations to hold Pakistan accountable for serious violations of human rights and heinous war crimes.

At the end of his statement, the spokesperson said that on the occasion of “Baloch Missing Persons Day” on June 8, various programs and awareness campaigns will be organized by the organization, while all zones should conduct references.

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