Kambar: The Symbol Of Resistance

Kambar: The Symbol Of Resistance

Kambar chakar, one of the renowned and prominent student leader of BSO Azad had become a symbol of resistance a decade ago. His enthusiasm and valour in student politics have made him the beacon for Baloch national cause. He stood firmly against the occupation of Baloch land and made himself ready for all sort of consequences. For being active in students politics and making himself the beacon of resistance have forced the state institutions to create hurdles. But such sort of hurdles couldn’t stop him from being an active member of BSO Azad. Finally, he was forcefully abducted and his body was dumped in a barren land. His devotions and martyrdom have prevailed the national struggle to every corner of Balochistan.

Kambar Chakar opened his eyes on October 7, 1987 at Alandoor, Buleda and then family was migrated to Shahi Tump, district Kech. After acquiring his primary education from Alandoor, Kambar Chakar got himself admitted at Government College Turbat. As Balochistan is deprived of educational institutes so he moved to Quetta in order to attain higher education. He managed to seek admission at the prestigious Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS) as a BS Economics student after passing a very competitive exam. Along with continuing his studies as a students at BUITEMS he also become active in students politics and tried to prevail his ideology on every corner of Baloch land.

He started his political career as a member of BSO Mutahida. Soon after his devotion and hard work he was elected as deputy organizer of Turbat zone and he tried his best make organization active throughout Kech. After the collapse of BSO mutahida he became member of BSO Azad and become a prominent and active member. Soon after joining BSO Azad he was elected as zonal deputy general secretary of BSO Azad Shall zone.

Kambar was a vocal voice for the Baloch missing persons while he also engaged to foreign journalists as he was a fluent English speaker. While as a zonal representative he was well known BSO Azad leader and he had started to organise other zones and led them organising Organisational activities across Balochistan.

He has struggled on each and every platform and become the voice of oppressed classes of Baloch nation. Kambar was always on roads for Baloch rights and wherever Baloch rights got manipulated he stood firmly against such policies. As today, state institutions have also made decisions against Baloch students in the tenure of Kambar Chakar. Govt had announced open merit system for BUITEMS and quota system has been eradicated and this was a policy to close the gates on educational institutes for Baloch students. BSO Azad have made the decision to resist against such policies and Kambar has led the movement by arranging hunger strike till death.

His political activism started shackling the foundations of occupation so state have decided to pave the way by abducting and putting him in the dungeons. On 2009 where at first he was whisked away by the personnel of the Frontier Corps when he had gone to the Takato Campus of the University in order to meet with the Vice Chancellor on the issue of open merit admission policy.

kambar was later on presented infront of session court and was kept in illegal detention until April 22, 2010. Finally after multiple hearings the court proved him innocent and released him. After being released he confirmed that he had been brutally tortured during the custody for being active for the educational rights of the Baloch students as well as raising voice for the missing persons.

Considering his security he had to leave his studies incompletely where he was a student of third semester of BS Economics at BUITEMS and had to leave for his native home town Shahi Tump Turbat. After being quiet for a while he was once again whisked away from his home at Shahi Tump Turbat with his cousin, Irshad Baloch, on November 26, 2010 and Baloch nation was deprived of a great son of soil on 5th of January, 2011 when bullet-riddled dead body of Kambar Chakar along with Ilyas Nizar Baloch 26 years old journalist was found in a desolate place near Pasni Road, Pidrak area of Turbat.
His existence has been eradicated but his ideology has remained in sort of Baloch national struggle as it is getting its foundations strong day by day. His legacy of struggle and resistance shall continue till victory.

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