Lifting the ban on TLP has further exposed Pakistan’s extremist policies | BSO Azad

Lifting the ban on TLP has further exposed Pakistan’s extremist policies

BSO Azad

The Baloch Students Organisation Azad’s spokesperson in his statement expressed that the uplifting ban on TLP (Tehreek-E-Labbaik Pakistan) has exposed Pakistan’s extremist policies.

The TLP is a religious extremist organization operating in Pakistan, which is involved in violent and extremist activities but recently ban on TLP has been revoked by the state.

Apart from that, The state of Pakistan has banned all peaceful, political, and human rights activities in Balochistan. The Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have been involved in enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of thousands of Baloch Students. The state has given open hand authority to military and intelligence agencies to control educational institutions of Balochistan and counter peaceful students activism on the premises of the university. The state has been applying the worst tactics of oppression on the Baloch students, even dead bodies of Baloch students are not spared they are tortured inhumanly that they remain unidentified.

The spokesperson further added that the Baloch Students Organization Azad is a political and democratic student organization that believes in democracy and peaceful struggle. But State’s ban on BSO Azad only shows its Baloch Education Enemity policy. It further shows the real face of the State that’s frightened of Baloch students being consciously aware of their rights, being politicized and educated, meanwhile Extremist organizations like TLP’s ban have been uplifted, they roam freely, continue their activities, they can carry out protests while Students Organization BSO Azad is banned and the ground has been stiffed for them.

The spokesperson at the end of his statement told that To hollow the consciousness of Baloch Students and counter the peaceful political activities Pakistan has banned Student politics in Balochistan, Whoever takes part is either disappeared or killed. Hundreds of BSO Azad leadership have been enforcedly disappear, and later on, their mutilated bodies were found. Hundreds of its members are missing yet, including the Organizational former chairman, Zahid Baloch, vice-chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch, and many others.

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