March 27 is deemed as a Black Day in the Baloch national history | BSO Azad

March 27 is deemed as a Black Day in the Baloch national history

BSO Azad

In a statement, the central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad termed March 27 as a Black Day in the national history and said that on the given day the colonial Pakistani invaded the Baloch homeland and forcibly enslaved an independent and sovereign state, and the occupation is going on to this day.

He said that on March 27, 1948, a newborn and unnatural state of Pakistan, using aggression and force, seized the sovereign and independent state of the Baloch and started looting the sea and resources of the Baloch which continues to this day. The Baloch nation has not only refused to recognize the Pakistani occupation from the very beginning but has also resisted this occupation till date. At the same time, other international powers have been involved in this heinous game. Like other occupiers of the world, Pakistan has not hesitated to commit Baloch genocide to achieve its nefarious aims and has committed serious human rights violations in Balochistan.

He said that before the occupation of Pakistan, Balochistan existed in the world as an independent state and like other democracies, national decisions were taken in the upper and lower Houses. When the proposal of accession to Pakistan was discussed in both the Houses, the proposal of accession was rejected by a majority of the members of both the Houses. In order not to bow to Pakistani colonialism and to maintain its independence, Pakistani metaphors used force and invaded Balochistan on March 27, 1948, and occupied the Baloch homeland. The Baloch nation resisted this invasion from day one which is still continued.

At the end of his statement, he said that this day makes us realize that we existed on this planet as a free nation and were pushed into the mire of slavery by an occupier depriving us of our freedom. We have to fight against this slavery so that the Baloch homeland can once again appear on the world map as an independent state.

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