Freedom Shall Ring – Bani Baloch

Freedom Shall Ring

By: Bani Baloch

A young skinny man carrying a vision of freedom in his eyes, the freedom he only thought of was to provide needs to his people and be able to breathe freely in an oppressed land. He always chanted, freedom rings, freedom shall ring…

His name was shay, a man with a slender body. Though he never held in any gun yet more powerful than people with weapons. He had the most deadly weapon: the pen. His pen was mightier than a gun. Shay with a broad smile, a pen in his pocket, and books in his hands was a powerful man than a mighty state.

He was madly in love with his motherland. He often Inhaled the scent of soil saying, he shall live, for it, he shall fight, for it, he fights to die but above all, he fights for his land as long as he can, unknown of the fact, beasts are always on his way.

But he kept addressing Freedom. He kept dreaming of distant freedom, a colonizer’s free Future. And the situation got worse but Raza never stopped his struggle. He worked, politicized the people.

Born into a poor Awaran family, Shay, as a child, witnessed many brutalities of the colonizers. He was the personal testimony of all the ever-increasing city. The ever-increasing horrors he witnessed the loss of his great Sangat one by one. But he struggled to survive in a cruel era that has stripped him of humanity. He struggled to resist with his pen and books. He suffered but kept enduring in a ray of hope. The hope of freedom rings- Freedom shall ring.

Shay was the man who had given up everything to Lil cheritois’s two Lil sons to fight-resist against the tyrants and for the sovereignty of his beloved motherland. Once he held a happy family but left them with empty promises of return.

Shay’s vision of enlightenment got stronger. Shays’s message spread from villages to cities, Shephards to peasants, across one border to another, ocean to skies, therefore, everywhere. A time came when the flocks of birds chanted freedom rings across the sky crashing the winds. Oceans, while embracing the sunsets that whispers the shay message of freedom shall ring.

Colonizers were afraid, they thought to pull him back and stop him. Shay being unstoppable and well-determined never looked back kept moving until one day, He was chased by hungry beasts (Colonizers) and finally choked down and swallowed.

Awaran that day was plunged into darkness and was decorated with the blood of Shay. The blood which never dried, never faded, yet wet and dark and pure. The land covered up all the dusk and mud. The sky was in tears that day it had lost shay Forever in the hands of the land. Shay was no more under the Sky of Balochistan but remained in every piece of it. Thus, every part of the land now echoes shay. Balochistan still remembers the incense of his blood.

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