Comrade Qayyum Baloch – The Man of Resistance

Comrade Qayyum Baloch

Comrade Qayyum Baloch – The Man of Resistance

BSO Azad

“If Noori Naseer Khan can control and rule the area for decades in the time of emperors then how can we today as an educated nation can’t control our country, Balochistan will soon become an independent nation as the Baloch nation has completely rejected the illegal occupation of the Pakistani military, Gwadar belongs to the Baloch nation and we can’t let any foreigner conquer it and snatch it from us in the name of the so-called development, Their development means the occupation and preparation of further aggression against the Baloch land. These words were roared by comrade Qayyum after being released during a protest rally in Gwadar on the first martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Baloch Marri”.

Comparatively, in this regard, Comrade Qayyum Baloch is known as the real inherent of Hammal Kalmati, who devoted his life to the destitute inhabitants of the coast. Comrade Qayyum was born on 03 November 1984 in Shay Nizar Mohammad’s House at Gwadar. He studied at jadeed School in Gwadar in the year 1989 and continued to study there until he passed his matric exam in the year 2002. Further, He did his intermediate degree in the Syed Hashumi Degree Colline in his hometown in 2004. Later, Qayyum Baloch did his bachelor’s as a private candidate in 2008.

As far as his educational enthusiasm is concerned, he was a decent and industrious learner and was titled to be a hardworking and well-learned comrade. In the same manner, like other devoted political activists from the predecessor, he was attributed to have a keen interest in political literature. Similarly, Comrade Qayyum Baloch counterparts with Hammal Kalmati who stood firm against the manipulating and blundering designs of the foreigner who were meant to surmount the Baloch coast as part of their suppression agendas but didn’t surrender and laid his life for a purposeful lesson whose chronicle aspect has encouraged comrade Qayyum to learn the charm of dedication and commitment.

Likewise, Comrade Qayyum, A sincere personality joined BSO-Azad at a very young age of his life like much other Baloch youth did because of the organizational program and activities. Joining BSO-Azad endures him to be a companion of senior activists and this opportunity soon after displayed in from of significant activism. His matured political activities and circles revolving around educational titles in declaration narrate BSO is not just frivolous pastime but a national and indeed duty of ever Baloch who undoubtedly want the Pakistani subjugation story to be ended very soon.

Additionally, Due to his commitment and political maturity he was elected as the central committee member of BSO-Azad, very soon he become one of the important figures in politics particularly in tech and Makuran. He had become so active that the enemy soon recognized him. He was first arrested by police personnel on 11 December 2008 for arranging a demonstration on the first martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Balach Marri. He was kept in a secret cell for 61 days and threatened to stop the struggle for the freedom of Balochistan but he was too devoted and took the hard decision of the journey of revolution.

Furthermore, Qayyum was well-aware of the consequences of the struggle he has chosen.
BSO-Azad was the prime target of unnerved tactical policies by the state-run machinery such as intelligence agencies and sponsored death squads which often followed the brutal strategy of kill and dump and mass graves recovery. However, such malicious measures never depilated the sentiments of irony man Comrade Qayyum Baloch who before his eyes saw the political colleagues being targeted coldheartedly, although, he has been intimidated by the oppressing power but still tirelessly attempted to hoist the flag of resistance against illegitimate annexation and injustices from the coast of Gwadar to the barren land of Koh-I-stan, which surely traveled with a message of dedication over the high altitude mountains of Bolan.

Also, Comrade Qayyum, has two children, A boy hairbyar and a Daughter Shifa. He was a great dynamic activist and leader of BSO-Azad, seeing his unwavering obligations and enthusiasm Pakistan tried to silence him forever.

Thus, On 11 September 2010, he was allegedly abducted by the intelligence agencies from his uncle’s house at Gwadar. Two months later, on 10 February 2011, his badly mutilated body was recovered along with Jameel Yaqoob Baloch from Herronk, Kech District. After his martyrdom, he was buried at Gwadar. Pakistan was terrified as seeing a significant tribute was paid by the Baloch to the devoted soul of Qayyum Baloch and thrice attempted to humiliate the last abode and burnt and thrown the flag of Baloch land hoisting on the grave of Comrade Qayyum, however despite the Pakistani monovalent designs against in the form of suppression, intimidation, disappearances and kill and dump still couldn’t get succeed over the firm vision and wisdom of Comrade Qayyum Baloch, which is still sustained in the sentiment of Baloch youth.

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