The enforced disappearance of Abdul Hafeez Zehri is tormenting:
BSO Azad

The enforced disappearance of Abdul Hafeez Zehri is tormenting

BSO Azad

The spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) while expressing grave concern over the enforced disappearance of Abdul Hafeez Zehri from UAE said that the continuation of enforced disappearances is a matter of concern. There are millions of Baloch settled in United Arab Emirates, whereas thousands of people from Balochistan are also present in UAE due to employment. The disappearance of the Baloch in UAE at the behest of the Pakistan is a matter of alarm which deserves more condemnation. This is the second incident of disappearance of Baloch from UAE which has raised fears that on the directive of state agencies, more people will be picked up. United Arab Emirates must not spoil their fraternal relations of thousand years with the Baloch on the dictation of Pakistan. Before Abdul Hafeez Zehri, Rashid Hussain was disappeared. Such incidents have hurt thousands of Baloch.

The spokesperson said that not only the Baloch nation is the victim of war, but wherever a war has begun, many countries opened the doors for them to protect the lives of the civilians out there. Even today, thousands of Kurds, Afghans, Iraqis and other people are spending life in exile in different countries, but no other citizens of nations of the world are being as targeted as Baloch are. Although Pakistan is a powerful country and many countries of the world may have good terms and connections with them, but it should be remembered that no nation of the world can permanently remain slave. Such inhumane treatment with the Baloch nation is the denial of the claims of human rights organizations of the world. We appeal to the governments of various countries of the world that if you cannot help the Baloch nation on the given crisis in Balochistan, then do not get involved in exploitation of the Baloch nation by supporting the imperialism.

At the end of the statement, the spokesperson appealed to the government of UAE to ensure the recovery of Abdul Hafeez Zehri and his family should be informed about his whereabouts. If he is found of any illegal act, then he must be presented before the courts of United Arab Emirates. But the family fears that Abdul Hafeez Zehri will also be transferred to Pakistan like Rashid Hussain. As an oppressed and enslaved nation, we call on the countries of the region to reconsider their attitude, because no conscious nation in the world remains a slave forever.

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