State’s barbarism has taken a new route: Baloch are being deported from their homeland | BSO Azad

State’s barbarism has taken a new route:
Baloch are being deported from their homeland

BSO Azad

The central spokesperson of BSO Azad has expressed concern over the ongoing issue in Awaran Balochistan and stated that, since the occupation, Pakistan has been applying its worst forms of war-crimes policy on Baloch and Baloch’s land. The state has completely taken the path to execute Baloch in every way possible and therefore the chain of Baloch genocide is getting intense day by day.

He added that, every second day Balochs are victims of tragic incidents in the form of mass-graves, enforced disappearances, mutilated dead bodies, religious extremism, burning of Jungles, fake encounters by CTD force, children, and women being killed by FC and now State’s barbarism has taken a new route. Balochs are being deported from their homeland.

Futhermore, the spokesperson has shown concerns over the recent situation that has occurred in Awaran. In previous days, several families have been evicted, their belongings thrown out and forced to migrate.

Moreover, on October 18, two minors, 10 years old Sanam Jameel daughter of Jameel Baloch and Gazzain Jameel son of Jameel Baloch went missing after being detained by Pakistan Army in Toba area of Gichk Tehsil of Washuk District.
The grandfather of the children, Mir Daray Khan son of Muhammad Karim, is already a victim of Enforced Disappearances, he was detained by Pakistani Army forty days ago and his whereabouts are still unknown. The women and children of the same family have already been subjected to severe torture in military torture cells for weeks and were forced to migrate.

Spokesperson said, forced eviction is alarming for the existence of every Baloch on their land. Pakistani forces are involved in the forced evictions of Baloch from their land, which is a serious violation of Human Rights. Spokesperson was concerned over the safety of Baloch nation.

In the end of his statement, he stated that the state has killed hundreds of Baloch, thousands are enforcedly disappeared for years, women and children are being killed, and now the process of evicting indigenous people from theirs lands has begun. Since last week, many families in Awaran are homeless and shelterless under the open sky. Their belongings have been thrown out, locals are suffering in a very miserable condition. He added that a forest was burnt in Peerandar area of Awaran. Pakistani forces have turned Awaran into a no-go area and torturing the locals of the are has become a new norm of security forces. However, the silence of civilized world and International Human Rights Organisations on this issue is questionable.

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