November 13th is the symbol of Baloch National Struggle

November 13th is the symbol of Baloch National Struggle

The spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad paid richest tribute to the martyrs of Balochistan and stated that 13th of November has been considered as the day of recommitment in the Baloch national history. The day reminds us the sacrifices of the Baloch people who presented their heads unbowed for their homeland Balochistan and nurtured the land with their blood. The struggle of our ancestors has always been a luminaire for the present and upcoming generations of Baloch Nation.

Spokesperson said that on 13th of November, Mir Mehrab Khan’s and his companions’ struggle for the sovereignty of Baloch Land is always symbolized as a spark of light for the upcoming generations.

As In 1839, when British for it’s exploitation and occupation attacked Balochistan and tried to put the stigma of slavery on the Baloch Nation, then these brave soldiers of the country made it clear to the British Imperialists, that Baloch Nation can offer their heads but can never tolerate slavery.

The heirs of Baloch Nation and the guardians of Baloch Land resisted against the British rule and reminded them time and again, that the Baloch nation will never accept their rule. Thus, The Baloch Land will always be protected at any cost.

Therefore, Mir Mehrab Khan and his companions remained a lead-wall against the British occupational policy, and at the end, on 13th of November 1839, they embraced martyrdom and became the source of lit path from generations to generations.

The spokesperson further stated that the Baloch national history has witnessed, that whenever an occupier tried to devour the Baloch Land with wrong intentions, then the protectors of the land never refused to sacrifice their lives. Therefore, in Baloch national history, no imperialist power has ruled long on the Baloch Land.

Baloch had followed the vision of Mir mehrab khan and his companions, and succeeded in evacuating the British Imperialists from the Baloch Land and secured their independence.

Moreover, the spokeperson told that after the end of British occupation on August 11, 1947, Balochistan emerged as a new state on world’s map, which became a source of irritation for the new and non-natural state of Pakistan.

Since the very beginning,
Pakistan has tried several tactics against the Baloch Nation, to bring its euphoric ambitions to denounce the freedom of the Baloch Nation. But,the Baloch Nation rejected Pakistani tactics and announced no compromise ragarding their freedom. Considering the resistance of Baloch Nation, the State of Pakistan occupied the Baloch Land using force on March 27, 1948. The Baloch Nation’s free-existence was tied to slavery, which continues till date.

The spokesperson stated that, the Balochs have been resistant and have never accepted Pakistan since the very first day. The brave sons of the land fought against slavery and stood firmly against the occupation. These great sons of motherland suffered torture in the prisons, offered their heads, and sacrificed their lives for National freedom. Following the philosophy of Mir Mehrab Khan’s struggle, the Baloch Nation vows to resist till the independence of Baloch Land.

Conclusively, the spokesperson stated that 13th of November is a renewed covenant for the Baloch Nation, and keeping in mind the sacrifices of our forefathers, we should not hesitate to offer any sacrifice for our land and should continue the struggle until the independence is secured.

At the end, the spokesperson said that like last year, the organization will organize references in the memory of Baloch martyrs and will do, whatever is possible to make their philosophy public.

Baloch Students Organization Azad announces a social media campaign with hashtag #13NovBalochMartyrsDay in order to pay tribute to national martyrs and will struggle to publish details of all martyrs on social media till 13th November.

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